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Templeton Education Foundation (TEF) donates 100% of proceeds from our fundraisers to all the Templeton Schools. We are supported solely by volunteers and donations. Check out our schedule of upcoming events to see if there are any ways you can get involved to help make a difference in our Templeton schools!



Templeton Education Foundation (TEF) administers the TEF Grant Program to enable staff, teachers and schools to bring innovative and effective instructional ideas to reality despite ongoing economic challenges. TEF grants support quality instruction, student access and impact, and innovation aligned with the district’s overall goals.

Meet the Board


Get to know our dedicated group of volunteer Board Members that organize, support and execute the TEF's guiding principals and message.

Dear TEF Board Members,

It is with sincere gratitude that the kindergarten and first grade teams thank you for your generous grant for ESGI One-on-One Assessment Software. This was an absolutely invaluable resource for our teams this year for several reasons:

- We were able to progress monitor students easily and more frequently allowing us to use actual data to drive instruction. We saw an obvious increase in student achievement because of this!
- We were able to provide explicit data to parents about their own child’s specific progress so that they could help support specific areas at home and be a partner in their children’s educational progress.
- It allowed us to streamline assessments at the end of each trimester giving us more time for the quality and thoughtful instruction our students need.
- The reports helped us to accurately and efficiently report progress on report cards, which was very helpful with our class sizes this year.

Because we loved this tool so much, we presented the positive outcomes to the TUSD administration, who have now agreed to fund it for K-2 at TES this coming year! This wouldn’t have been possible without your generous and intentional grant. We are incredibly grateful for your dedication to our community and your support of students and staff at all of our sites.
With gratitude,
— Erin Narducci (Kindergarten) and Jen Wilson (First Grade)