We understand many people do not have time to make a long term commitment to TEF, but want to help in anyway they can.  Just let us know you are interested in helping and we will reach out when we have events or programs that require extra hands.  This is a great way for students, grandparents and parents to help out one day or two and still know they are helping all the TUSD schools via TEF's grant program.

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Fireworks Booth

The TEF fireworks booth is the most Volunteer intensive fundraiser we have.  We must man the fireworks booth for 4 straight days which means lots of volunteers and lots of hours.  If you can offer us at least 4 hours over the 4 day period of July 30th - July 5th we need you!  Many teachers, students and parents pitch in multiple shifts over this 5-6 day period in order to sell tens of thousands of dollars worth of fireworks. 

Meet the community, see friends, learn about the latest and greatest fireworks (sponsors demo the fireworks) and help TEF with one of our biggest fundraisers of the year!  Yes, the fireworks booth brought in over $85,000 gross for TEF in 2017 and we hope to top that in 2018!  Before operational costs TEF nets 50% of the proceeds from Fireworks sales.  

Have fun selling fireworks and raising money for TEF at our booth on Main St. across from Joe's Place! All Volunteers receive a discount on fireworks!

Ambassador Program

TEF Ambassador Program is a great way to get involved and volunteer for various events and fundraisers without the full time commitment of a Board of Director position.  

We are looking for Ambassadors to work on our Fireworks Committee, Denim and Diamonds Committee, and Friends of TEF. 

Interested click below or email: ambassadors@tefnow.org