Fireworks Booth

2019 Dates & Times TBD

This year there will only be 4 fireworks booths in Templeton. Templeton Education Foundations booth will be on Main st. across from Joe's place.

People travel from around the Central Coast to Templeton which is one of only a few towns which allow Fireworks within city limits.  TEF has one of the largest selections of fireworks in Templeton.  We put on sponsored firework demonstrations in the evening and this year have many new activities planned. 

Just about 50% of the revenue from firework sales go directly to the TEF grants program which funds all TUSD schools.  It is a win/win buy your fireworks and support Templeton Schools.  

Volunteers working the July 1st, 2nd or 3rd will receive a 25% discount on fireworks!

Volunteers working July 4th receive a 35% discount on fireworks, with a free Pizza dinner for the last shift of the day.

Looking for Sponsors for our Live fireworks displays.  Help us showcase our fireworks by sponsoring and hosting a free firework show.  For more information contact:

2018 Live Firework Display Sponsors: